-- 24ID250818B [CAT - B] -- Lap of Honour

Saturday, 25 August 2018 14:00z

Mission Background

This mission is the tread the path long time ago, 71 years ago by Indonesia Air Force. That’s flight is the first flight to conduct air strike to ground and the first air attack in the darkness by Indonesia Air Force. So because of the courage of the fighter pilot days, which coincides on July 27, then set the day of Service of the air force to commemorate the courage of a pioneers of the air force at that time. Thus IVAO Indonesia Special Ops trying to lift this tale as the operations that can be simulated on the IVAO Network based on regulation has been enacted on the IVAO about Special Operations activities. At this Operations, pilots will feel the atmosphere creates the battle brought it with vintage aircraft and routes being used at that time. The mission is simple and will give the impression of The Special Operations.


Mission Award

All participant will be get 2 points for S.O Award if complete this mission based on briefing document.


Mission Briefing


- Simulated in Semarang city that was captured by the enemy. The Aviators who stand-by in Yogyakarta were asked to prepare to conduct air strikes.

- This flight will be split into three-team, the first team was in charge of the cleaning squads to conduct bombings.

- After first team completing their mission, there will followed by the second squad in charge of cleaning up the remaining enemy outposts.

- Once that is done, then followed by the third squad tasked to capture air base with paratroopers.

- After completing the task, as soon as possible to fly to homebase.


·         Bomber Group: Fly Overhead Ahmad Yani Air Base (WAHS/SRG) above 5.000 ft and below 10.000 ft

·         Destroyer Group: Fly operate over Ahmad Yani Air Base (WAHS/SRG) at least 8 minutes to clear area for Troopers Group

·         Troopers Carrier Group: Fly Overhead Ahmad Yani Air Base (WAHS/SRG) at 10.000 ft or above

·         Low level flight enroute flight, Route: JOG-SLO-ANY-SLO-JOG

·         Enroute altitude below 5.000 ft

·         Formation Flight is allowed



·         Vintage Military Aircraft

·         Single or Multi Engine

·         In accordance with the roles that you want to simulate

          o   Bomber, Destroyer, Troops Carrier

·         Recomendation Aircraft to improve realism at that moment:

          o   Bomber               : B52, A26 Havoc, A26 Marauder, K5Y, Ki51, Ki42

          o   Destroyer           : P38 Warhawk, P40 Tomahawk, P38 Ligtning, P51D, F4U Corsair, Seafire, Spitfire, Hurricane

          o   Troops Carrier   : C47, HU16, PBY Cataline, IL-14



·         Formation flight is allowed with your partners

·         Book your flight at http://so.ivao.web.id/

·         Use tactical callsign is recomended

(ie. TANGO6, WOLF6, EAGLE7 etc.)





·         Adisucipto Airport Yogyakarta (WAHH/JOG) download here



·         Not available, default is approved.

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